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Résilier Cancelling a fitness membership in France

Here's all you need to know about how to cancel a fitness membership in France

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English Guide: All you need to know about cancelling a subscription to a gym in France

About terminating your gym contract:

Always check the terms of your contract

In France, consumer contract usually gives flexibility to companies regarding the method for sending the termination request. In most cases, a cancellation request needs to be sent by registered mail to an address mentioned in the terms of your contract. There is specific information you should be mentioning in the termination request to ensure that it is accepted and handled properly by the gym. Depending on the fitness club you should be able to cancel your contract via letter, E-mail, phone and sometimes online.

Stay ahead of the deadlines

Making sure you request the termination of your contract on time is crucial. You can withdraw from a contract within the first 14 days as guaranteed by EU contract regulations.
If you are terminating before the term of your contract, you should check for cancellation fees in the terms of your contract to make sure there is no unexpected expense.
If you are terminating at the end of your contract, make sure you send the request before the requested notification period, your fitness is legally required to inform your contract coming to an end.

Use a local contract termination service

It is widely common for French consumers to use an online service like ours for handling the termination of a consumer contract. Using our service, you will be able to look for the gym club that you want to cancel, fill-in the required information in a ready-to-use termination letter and choose if you want to pay for the send service (with Registered Mail sending and legal Termination Guarantee) or download it for free and send it yourself.

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